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I'm officially middle-aged: I'm painting a room beige, of my own free will.

"The Wire" is back. Just saying. It's the only show I really love right now, and so far it hasn't played me.

Received our absentee ballots today. Whoa. They each weigh a good pound, hate to think what it cost to mail these things. The plan is to go over them and send them back this week. 'Cause judging from the news from Ohio and Florida(yeah, again), the Republicans have at long last lost all shame.

Writing on 3 fics at the same time right now. Porn (which I'm not good with), Tragic Farce and more Wishverse.

Check out the Menageverse, hot Giles/Joyce/Ethan action and a plausible a/u branching from 'A New Man'. Go for the porn, or for the plot, but go.

And I'm done.

This week kinda sucked

Spent the earlier part of this week wanting a species transfer due to stories like this and this and praying that Ivan wouldn't destroy New Orleans.

Thursday I had to take my mother in law for a CAT scan. She's terrified it's cancer, (it probably isn't. please). She won't get the results for 2 weeks.

Friday, took no. 2 son for dental appointment. He wouldn't open his mouth. At all.

And yesterday I realized that this is a 5-week month. Ooops. Me being in charge of finances is definitely a lesser of two evils. God bless the overdraft. Registering for Worldcon will have to wait until next month.

Writing-- uh, not so much. Maybe today.

Movie rec: Night Watch (2004) -- entertaining, absorbing Russian fantasy involving supernatural policing of vampires, shapechangers and witches in modern Moscow. I'll have more to say after I watch it again. It's due to be released next year in the states, or you can buy it here.

Belated Meme

Gakked from, Tesla321 who got it from Starlet2367

a - accent: none/Californian ;)

b - breast size: 44 H. Yes really.  I use my power only for good.
c - chore you hate: all of them
d - dad's name: Charles Herman
f - favorite perfume: ? used to like Halston now?
g - gold or silver: Silver
h - hometown: Born and raised in southern California
i - insomnia?: No
j - job title: Mommy!
k - kids: 2 boys
l - living arrangements: married with children
m - mother's birthplace: California
n - number of people you've fallen in love with: in love with = one.  in lust with = many, many
o - overnight hospital stays: five
p - phobia: Falling.  I get sympathy pains watching people fall in a movie.

q - quote you like: can't really think of one
r - religious affiliation: agnostic pagan
s - siblings: one sister, two brothers
t - time you wake up: 7 a.m. during the week, 9’ish weekends

u - unnatural hair colours you've worn? Blonde, Elvira black, red

v - vegetable you refuse to eat: mushy peas
w - worst habit: procrastination

x - x-rays you've had: Dental, chest, leg
y - yummy foods you make: pizza, curry, tamales, biscuits, pancakes, brownies,
z - zodiac: Sagittarius